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This unit provides a grounding in the primary treatises on architecture and a familiarity with a number of significant buildings which emanate from those polemics. It focuses intently on, and investigates in depth, the treatises and buildings being studied. The principals of this study include Vitruvius, Alberti, Laugier, Le Corbusier, Loos and Venturi. The unit also visualises through physical model making the unbuilt works of architectural history. Virtual modelling, rendering and animation are also art of the methods of representation used to visualise these works.

Students are able to (1) gain a thorough appreciation of the six principal treatises on architecture; (2) acquire advanced model-making skills and skills in virtual modelling, rendering and animation; (3) subject a building to sustained critical analysis; and (4) acquire the necessary skills for the development of an individual critical base for contemporary architecture.

Rather than a movement, period, or polemic this edition of the Key Texts unit has chosen to focus on a specific individual; Italian architect, painter, and designer Massimo Scolari (b. 1943). Largely through the medium of painting Scolari has radically questioned some of architecture’s most deeply rooted assumptions, including those that link the representation of architecture to the physicality of its construction.

The challenge in understanding the surreal, visceral, yet inherently tectonic work of Scolari and manifesting it in three dimensional forms that embody these qualities cannot be understated. The resulting projects are a testament to the student’s commitment to rigourous investigation and critical analysis. This inquiry has culminated in the production of an exceptionally refined final model that has undergone a semester’s worth of material exploration and model-making development.

Unit Coordinator – Craig McCormack


Elliot Beaver



Kristen Di Gregorio



Marian Mahendra



Ivan Tan



Ivan Hage



Jota Allison



Melissa Cox



Tshun Hong



Christopher Holmes



Aine Dowling



Isabel Griffiths



Kylie Maxfield



Ivan Hage



Wesley Pendlebury



Lisa Azhar



Catherine Sunde



Tanya Kamonphuangphan



Stephanie Banaszak



Melissa Cox



Jaclyn Sharples



Andjela Stamenkovic



 January 29, 2016
Jan 022013

1st year, 2nd semester, design studio

This is a selection of our 1st year design studio final submissions. The introduction to the studio brief is as follows;

“The earth is simply too small and fragile a basket for the human race to keep all its eggs in.”

Arthur C Clarke.

The year is 2100.

Earth-based natural resources have been depleted to a level that is finally having a direct impact on society. The exploitation of raw materials from asteroids and minor planets is now viable and underway across the solar system.

The once Earth-bound, capitalist mining corporations that have stripped our home planet bare have extended their reach in order to quench humanity’s insatiable appetite for consumption of whatever is placed before it.

An asteroid based mining colony has been proposed on the asteroid that you have researched in component 1 of this assignment. This facility will be largely concerned with the production of platinum and cobalt for
Earth-base industrial purposes using shaft mining techniques to reduce the environmental impact. It will also harvest water from ice buried within your asteroid which will be stored for use as propellant.

While largely automated, this facility will contain a human presence, due to the harsh environment. This human component will be made up of technicians, geologists, and scientists. The inhabitants will serve one year cycles within the facility. The facility must cater for, and be conducive to extended stay inhabitation.






 January 2, 2013