Nov 052012

This animation was submitted as part of my final design folio. It was hastily put together on the morning of submission using a combination of hand drawings and After Effects with a smidgen of help from Photoshop. You will have to use your ears to try and guess from where the sound was borrowed. The animation was […]

 November 5, 2012
Oct 312012

Earlier this year I had the good fortune of being invited to exhibit a selection of my drawings on the walls of the newly refurbished UWA Architecture, Landscape, and Visual Arts library. I look at this opportunity as fair consolation for the loss of my beloved Nissan Pulsar to the same storm that wreaked havoc […]

 October 31, 2012
Oct 242012

So this is my website. Simple. Yes. It’s partially an exercise in building and maintaining a website, and partially a place to hang some mementos up on a wall. Once upon a time there was a blog, however I desired for the ability to tinker with the wall I was hanging things on. Plus Rene […]

 October 24, 2012